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This is how it works: Like all other search engines we are funded by advertisements. Contrary to most, we share part of our profits with our agents and donate another part to social projects. So, the more people get involved, the more we all can support good causes! Every user chooses the project they want to support. is made for you. We are independent and collaborate with partners that work for the people and the environment. Rather than supporting just one cause, we opted for several concepts (search & support). Currently, you have a choice of three options: reforestation, reducing marine pollution, and providing meals for the hungry. In the long run, we will broaden these options. app for your smart phone and as your standard search engine

To join the community, just follow these simple steps: Download the app for free here (iOS or Android) and install it on your smartphone or tablet. Only installing the app gives you full access to all search functions.

To use the search engine on your laptop or PC, integrate into your browser. You can download the browser extension here for free. Once installed, make your standard search engine in Google Chrome or Firefox. This will give you a much better user experience compared to using the website.

Involve your own community and recommend our search engine to your friends, colleagues, partners, and followers. The more people use, the more money will be raised for selected social projects.

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To become famous and to reach as many users as possible, bloggers and influencers need a wide-ranging network and should make sure they can be found on the internet – be it through Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. As a follower, you can actively support us. Using our search engine, it is you who decides which influencer, blogger or charity will receive the money that is generated by your search.

Should you use ad blockers, please disable them, or add us to your exceptions. We depend on the support of our advertising partners.

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