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Climate change has a heavy impact on nature. Forests are the foundation of life and act as important filters for CO2. Drought, fires, and storms destroy more and more forests. Large scale deforestation is another threat. Let us work against this trend. Make the world a little better. Do you want to protect forests? Just by searching the net, new trees are planted.

We cooperate with Eden Reforestation Projects, an initiative that is active in eight countries working together with local farmers and communities in projects to renew forests in different regions. The mission of Eden Reforestation Projects: Sustainable use of forests for the benefit of people, climate, and the environment.

Reducing marine pollution

Plastic waste โ€“ be it plastic bags or micro beads โ€“ ends up in the oceans and endangers marine life. Furthermore, the plastic waste that is eaten by fish eventually enters our food chain. Help us to clean our oceans from plastic and to preserve marine life.

We use part of our income to support projects on ocean protection in different regions of the world. Our partner in this is the non-for-profit organisation Plasticbank. Their approach to keeping the oceans clean is remarkable: People in coastal communities are encouraged to collect ocean bound plastic and are rewarded by a premium that they can exchange for food, school tuition or health insurance. This way, waste is turned into Social Plasticยฎ, that is then reprocessed into new products and packaging. At the same time, Plasticbank builds recycling ecosystems in the coastal communities, enabling a regenerative plastic economy.

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